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The Practice and Implementation of EMAC

A comprehensive overview of EMAC. This course covers EMAC's history, legal framework, and the 5 Phases of the EMAC Process: Pre-Event Preparation, Activation, Request and Offer, Response (Mobilization, Deployment, and Demobilization), & Reimbursement

Target Audience: State emergency management with roles and responsibilities for EMAC and mutual aid, as well as State Fiscal/Administration personnel, & State Grant Officers

Estimated Course Length: 3.5 - 4 hours


The National Guard and EMAC

The National Guard, a critically requested resource across the United States in times of emergencies and disasters, deploys through EMAC in State Active Duty and Title 32.  This course provides an overview of the EMAC Process, EMAC law, National Guard responsibilities throughout the EMAC Process, as well as insight into the unique aspects between State Emergency Management Agencies, EMAC, and the National Guard. 

Target Audience: National Guard Commanders, Operations, Staff, Logisticians, other members of the National Guard, and State Emergency Management Agency personnel.  

Estimated Course Length: 1.5 - 2 hours


EMAC Reimbursement

Describes responsibilities and actions of both Requesting and Assisting States within the Reimbursement Phase of the EMAC Process, the suggested timelines to process EMAC reimbursement packages, an overview of eligible and ineligible costs, and suggestions for receiving funds for federally declared disasters.

Target Audience:
Anyone with EMAC reimbursement responsibilities

Estimated Course Length: 1.5 hours


EMAC Pre-Event Preparation for Resource Providers

EMAC Pre-Event Preparation for Resource Providers reviews steps that Resource Providers should take prior to an emergency or disaster. The course reviews the EMAC Process, EMAC's legal protections, Resource Provider training and exercise responsibilities, and describes the Mission Ready Package - what it is - as well as why and how Resource Providers should develop and maintain one.

Target Audience: Resource Providers: Response and recovery resource providers that may deploy through EMAC.


EMAC: Just in Time Training for Deploying Personnel

Built upon lessons learned from EMAC deployments, this course provides basic EMAC education for response and recovery personnel prior to deployment. The course provides an overview of the EMAC Process, EMAC law, EMAC operational support structure as well as actions that should be taken during the Response Phase (to include Mobilization, Deployment, Demobilization), and the Reimbursement Phase.

Target Audience: Resource Providers and Deploying Personnel:  Response and recovery resources that may potentially deploy through EMAC.


EMAC A-Team Training Course

Familiarize learners with the EMAC A-Team's structure, functions, roles, responsibilities, and provide experience in the EMAC Operations System. Upon successful course completion, learners will be qualified by NEMA to serve as members of A-Teams.

Target Audience: Learners are nominated by state EMAC Coordinators (or ARs and DCs) to be members of their state's A-Team cadre, and are eligible to take the online course. These individuals must have strong leadership skills and substantial knowledge about mutual aid and EMAC. Audience should be experienced, all-hazards personnel.