EMAC's governance structure forces continual improvement through the membership of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA). The State Emergency Management Director is legally (though the EMAC law) responsible for implementing EMAC on behalf of their Governor. The EMAC Leadership maintains the EMAC 5 year strategic plan to guide the Compact. 

Every EMAC Member has EMAC Authorized Representatives, Designated Contacts, and an EMAC Coordinator that write plans/procedures to ensure the EMAC process goes as smoothly as possible in their own state. 

Before, during, and after events the State Emergency Management Agency and personnel who support EMAC's Operational Management continually improve the EMAC system for future events. 

When large scale disasters hit, it is a great opportunity to conduct a formal after action report to identify lessons learned, best practices, and areas for improvement. The EMAC Strategic Plan and the following After Action Reports are available as part of the EMAC continual improvement program. 






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