Search and Rescue

Utilizing search and rescue resources through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) offers an invaluable advantage in enhancing emergency response efforts.

Search and Rescue Operation with K9 UnitEMAC facilitates a swift and coordinated exchange of personnel, equipment, and expertise across state lines during times of crisis. This framework harnesses the power of collaboration among states, enabling rapid deployment of specialized search and rescue teams to disaster-stricken areas. The value lies not only in the immediate assistance rendered but also in the broader sense of solidarity and unity that EMAC fosters. By tapping into a network of resources, affected states can access crucial support, optimize their response strategies, and ultimately save lives more effectively in the face of adversity.In the aftermath of tornadoes that impact states, search and rescue resources can be one of the first called to report to service.

Search and rescue has been deployed countless times thorugh EMAC including the 146 search and rescue personnel from Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee who responded to Alabama to conduct search and rescue and recovery missions after being requested by the Alabama State Emergency Management Agency after devistating tornados impacted the state.

Mission Ready Package Templates for Search & Rescue

In 2023, NEMA partnered with the State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance (SUSAR) to develop templates for the development of Mission Ready Packages (MRPs). 

MRPs are key to expediting the mutual aid request and offer process and ensuring all mission related expenses are accounted for and paid during reimbursement. 

Download a MRP template to build your own MRP today and upload it into the Mutual Aid Support System (MASS). Learn more about building an MRP.

EMAC's Benefits

  • Fast and Flexible Assistance
  • All Hazards - All Disciplines
  • Resources deploy through the state emergency management agencies of their respective states allowing for a coordinated deployment
  • Deployments are coordinated with the federal response to avoid duplication and overlap

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