Incident Management

AHIMTAThe All Hazards Incident Management Teams Association (AHIMTA) developed a Type 3 Mission Ready Package Model that recommends minimum criteria for all hazards incident management teams.    Download the model Type 3 IMT as the first step in developing your own Mission Ready Package

Did you know that local governments can create Mission Ready Packages? Teams that have been approved by the state emergency management agency may deploy under EMAC to help in recovery operations to assist with restoration efforts as the result of a disaster.

A local government's recovery assistance package may have a mission of

  • Communications restoration
  • Finance restoration/FEMA reimbursement
  • Recovery coordination
  • Building and damage assessments
  • Utility restoration efforts

EMAC's Benefits

  • Fast and Flexible Assistance
  • All Hazards - All Disciplines
  • Resources deploy through the state emergency management agencies of their respective states allowing for a coordinated deployment
  • Deployments are coordinated with the federal response to avoid duplication and overlap

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